Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

Golden Hues

dress - Topshop, rings - Accessorize, earrings - Swarovski 

I am about to change a few things around here and I am not only talking layout and surface!
Also I will be on my way to Copenhagen tomorrow and I can hardly couch my anticipation and 
joy over the fact, that I am actually and finally revisiting one of my favorite cities after what feels
like too many years. Fashion week will be on in a few days, which usually means cool shows, 
people and parties, so lean back and stay tuned!


miss annie

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

Red Valentino

dress-Red Valentino, earrings: Swarovski

As most of my time is consumed by a)work, b)hopeless attempts to getting tanned (blaming the rain,
not my skin, obviously), c)the painful task of finding a flat in Munich and d) successfully cheering 
for Germany (so far), my camera is all dusty and my blog was crying for an update. I'm pretty good 
at turning a deaf ear, but after almost a week even I felt a sense of guilt somewhere in the back of 
my head. Anyway, I wore my 85 pounds (!) Red Valentino dress (brand second hand shops are my
real heroes), aka my new best friend, to an event last month and thought I could share a few photos
with you. Being back to hardly applying any eyeliner most of the time, thus to a more natural look
feels seriously good, too. 


miss annie

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014


we hardly walked but rather stopped every second to take another photo

a beautiful house boat floating on Prinsengracht

that's how one gets around

bird's eye view of Amsterdam

Jordaan, close to where we lived


Laura Dols Vintage Amsterdam

Rooftop garden // Sukha, Harlemmerstraat

while shopping in de negen Straatjes

Amsterdam at night

Nothing but photos for you tonight!


miss annie

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

Curious Eyes

dress - Topshop, jacket - Laura Dols Amsterdam, bag - Zara, earrings - Swarovski

Bank holidays are for blogging, so much for sure and besides riding a bike along the Grachten,
Amsterdam is for stopping every few seconds to stare and smile at the beauty of its architecture.
 We were lucky enough to live very close to the Prinsengracht and thus discovered everything on 
our rented bicycles, riding over a million bridges, slightly neglecting a few rules and always 
glancing around us with curious and wide-opened eyes to avoid missing even the shortest of 
moments of our trip. Furthermore, and without me noticing it at the beginning, Amsterdam 
stole my heart and moved way up in my theoretically existing list of potential future homes.
More to come soon!


miss annie

Montag, 9. Juni 2014

Say Goodbye

dress by Choies

I just quickly logged in to publish a short good bye post before jumping into the airplane to
Amsterdam. As my good old and best friend, dear Mr. Laptop, will stay switched off and at home,
 my connection to the virtual world out here will be restricted to Lady iPhone and thus a merely
visual communication via instagram. Stay tuned, I'll be back with tons of unforgettable memories 
and beautiful photos by Sunday!


miss annie