Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

A perfect floral girl

Doesn´t Elle Ribera looks like one of those good fairies who used to dominate the bedtime-stories of our childhood?
>>I left my purple shampoo in a bit longer than usual to try out a lavender tint to my hair << This sentence really proved that she is one , no doubt. A joy and inspiration - spreading fashion-fairy (discovered that neologism is totally my cup of tea , because there are only a few words which can express what I´m meaning and if a few are not enough , why not "creating" some by your own?)
Elle is living in New York for one year now and studies fashion photography at The School of Visual Arts - sounds to me like the personification of my dreams and plans after my final exams!

Where do you take all this inspiration for your photos from?
I'm really inspired by memories from my childhood. My father was a gardener so I grew up playing in flower gardens at beautiful sea-side estates in Newport, RI. When my father passed away last year I received a lot of his old photo albums from the 70s. The ethereal fashion, and old Polaroid photos really inspired my work.
Is there a place you really want to travel to?
I would love to see Paris! Also, Sweden, Finland, or Norway.

2.What do you want to become after having finished your studies? Fashion photographer?
Hopefully a fashion photographer, or even an art or creative director. It's a really competitive business though. I plan on working really hard these next couple of years to build up a better portfolio and hopefully something good will come from that.

What are the main things, in your opinion, which let photos seem to be inspiring?
I find myself most inspired by photos that are unique. I love to see things I have never seen or dreamed of seeing before.

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

Powder blue and bubblegum pink

This weekend is going to be a powder blue, bubblegum pink one including milkshakes , frappucinos , strawberries and a lot of photos.(well , at least I hope so !) Even my newest DIY-project, a pair of feather earrings with a cute little bow-detail,( a result of trying to study for my latin test yesterday , which was , by the way , quite easy) is color-coordinated and the following inspiration photos reflect perfectly my weekend-vision.

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

I ♥ American Apparel

On my way back to Regensburg , I made a stop in Munich to - I think everyone knows what I did - go shopping there and to have a look at Germany´s biggest fleamarket ( only one time per year at the Theresienwiese in Munich).
Well , I just thought that it was time to allow myself to buy some new stuff ( clothes , jewelry and so on) after having worked (really hard) for eight days !

So finally I bought this unbelievable awesome 3D-rose-sweater from American Apparel + a cropped , turquoise basic top (I´ll combinate it with my bubblegum-pink skirt from American Apparel ) + four rings from the fleamarket .
It´s just as simple as this sentence : shopping makes you ( especially me ) happier !

and some of my rings.....

As soon as I can ( well that´s obviously after having finished school) I´ll move to a big big city to study there and it really has to be a city where I can go to an American Apparel - store whenever I´m feeling like doing this ;)
But for now , the only thing I can do is saying good night to you , my dear readers , saying hello to my latin presentation and cursing school !